Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - A Very Picture Filled Christmas Typed Weekly Obsessions

Hello all. Here are the weekly obsessions for this week. Lots of pictures this time around.

#3 Echosmith Merchandise

As you know I love the band Echosmith. They're music is awesome. They have the coolest band merchandise in their store. Over the cyber-weekend/Monday they a merchandise sale where you could be 15% off two apparel items and if you spent over certain amount you could get a free paint spatter copy of their Bright remix vinyl. I thought it was a great time to get my mom an Echosmith shirt for Christmas and I thought I would get myself one too. I've also been wanting their limited edition Acoustic Dreams EP vinyl for a long time, so I thought I would treat myself and get that as well. I literally could not wait to get this stuff in the mail. I was obsessed with package tracking. I got all the stuff on Monday. So happy with all of it. Acoustic Dreams sounds so great. My daisy shirt is lovely. My mom love her Cool Kids shirt too. I hung my free Bright remix vinyl on my wall because it is to pretty looking to hide.  Yay!

#2  Barns & Nobel Shopping For My Christmas Gift

My mom took me to Barns & Nobel and let me pick out what I wanted for my Christmas gifts. There were so many great choices because they have some beautiful books and quite a lot of vinyl reco. I did finally make what I felt like were some excellent choices.

In terms of books I got the collectors edition of Le Morte d'Arthur and the Minalima Illustrated Edition of Peter Pan. Both of them are books that I've been eyeing for awhile because they look lovely and I really want to read them. I also got the Sherlock coloring book. I love these coloring books that they make now for grown ups, because I've always loved to color. This coloring book has wonderfully detailed drawings and is supposed to have hidden clues in the pictures that are revealed when you color them in.

Then I got two vinyl records. I knew immediately that I had to get Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. I feel like no budding vinyl collection would be complete without it. The second choice was more difficult, but I finally decided to get The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. It's one of my favorite soundtracks and I didn't have any soundtracks in my vinyl collection yet. When I came home I had great fun showing my dad the stuff that he had basically bought me. He's not really a reader but he seemed to enjoy how excited I was about the books. I'm so excited about all my early gifts. They are all beautiful and fun.

#1 Festive Decorating Minus The Tree

My family isn't the Christmas tree type. We used to have a fake one and then we didn't even want to mess with that after awhile. We still wanted to do some festive decor to get in the holiday mood. We happen to have a lot of holiday decorations and knickknacks from when I owned a dance studio, so I figured why not put them to use. While I don't care much for the tree I do love string lights. On the curtain hooks I hung a light string and used decorated clips I had crafted and ornaments to make it extra festive. We also got some battery operated LED lights to wrap around our many book cases. I added some angels, small trees, candle holders, stuffed toys, and holiday boxes in other places as well. I also did some outdoor decor but I don't have any pictures of that yet. I got worn out taking pictures of the living room. Haha!

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