Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - A Music Experiance

Hey everyone. Here are the obsessions for this week. I feel like I got a little bit of everything in this week.

#3 Trying To Finish My Fan Video

I started a fan video few months back and it felt like it was taking me forever to finish it. Mostly because it is a hobby after all and there are actual vlog videos to be edited instead. However, I started having dreams that the people that subscribe to my fan video YouTube channel were asking for a new video. Hilarious right? Thus, I thought I should get on the ball and finish the one I'm working on. At least I got the rough edit done. I still need to clean it up a bit. It should be really cool. It's a very artistic video containing clips from V for Vendetta and Kill Bill. I'm really excited to share it. I hopefully I can by next week. Maybe earlier than that if I decide that I'm happy with it. 

#2 The Sarah Jane Adventures

You all know that I'm open to watching anything Doctor Who related at this point. I found the second Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures on Hulu and had to give it a try. The show focuses on journalist Sarah Jane Smith who was once the Doctor"s companion as she helps defend the earth from alien forces with the help of some clever teens. The show is geared toward pre-teens but if you're an adult who enjoys that type of thing on occasion like me it is great fun. I like that the emotional connections on the show are really solid on the show and don't became too cheesy as some shows of this type can. It also has a similar episode layout to Classic Doctor Who which I think is rather clever. 

#1 Delta Rae

I discovered the band Delta Rae through a fan video that I watched on YouTube set to their song Chasing Twisters. I loved that song so much that I had to go look up more of their music. They are brilliant. Every singer in the group has a strong and amazing voice which makes their harmonies extra awesome.They mix such a wonderful variety of styles together to create their sound. I think their lyrics are great as well. I'm so glad I found them. I love discovering artists that are new to me. Yay! They are so go I have to put up two videos. One of them playing live and one of their music videos.

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