Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Discovery and Rediscovery

Hello all. It's time for weekly obsessions. Finally I am back to having at least three. Yay!

#3 The Sun and Moon by The Bravery

A few weeks back I put the song Believe by The Bravery on my writing playlist. It made me realize I hadn't listened to that band in a couple of years. This week I decided to listen to my favorite album of theirs The Sun and Moon. I could not stop listening to it all week. I guess I'd forgotten how much I love listening to that album. I particularly like listening to it when there are action scenes in books. Considering I also did a lot of reading this week my rediscovery of the this music has perfect timing.

#2 Murdoch Mysteries (a.k.a The Artful Detective in the US)

Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian period mystery series that follows a detective named Murdoch as he solves cases but using his newly created scientific investigative techniques. My mom has been obsessed with this show for several weeks. She seriously talks about it all the time. I thought since I have an opening in my binge watching schedule I would start watching it so we could both discuss it. This show is so fun. If a Sherlock Holmes novel and CSI got married it would probably be something close to Murdoch Mysteries. I like the way the story lines mix drama, humor, and solid mystery writing that is unpredictable. I love all the characters too. I can't wait to see where the series goes. Mom says there are some pretty crazy cliffhangers at the end of each season.

#1 City of Ashes

If you've been watching some of my book related videos you know that one of my goals is to make some head way on finally reading all of  Cassandra Claire's Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. I am one of the the few booktubers that hasn't read it all, and it's getting to the point where it's pretty impossible to not accidentally get seriously spoiled because everyone is talking about the TV series. In fact before the show I might have lightly spoiled myself on a few things by watching videos, asking questions, and guessing. I just didn't spoiler myself enough for it to lose all mystery. Haha! Anyway, Earlier in the month I finished re-reading the first book City of Bones and thus I was ready to read City of Ashes for the first time. I got hooked on it from page one. I literally could not put it down. So much emotional drama and so much action. I binge read the book in one week. I'm glad that I liked it because it means that completing the rest of the series should be fairly easy. I want to jump right into the third book, but I think I should finish at least one of the other four books I've started first.

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