Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - New Clothes and New Mugs

Hey all! I'm not going to do a count down this week because I only have two obsessions. I love them both evenly. Haha!

New Mugs

I think I've had these two new coffee/tea mugs for must longer than a week. I guess they might not be all that new. However, I wasn't until this week that I realized that how much I love them. You might have noticed I am totally obsessed with tea at the moment. I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a more varied sizes and types of mug to drink my tea from. The first new mug I purchased from Avon. It has a fun rustic looking design and has the word "Love" printed on it. I picked this one out because it is just slightly larger than a normal mug, but not too big. Just in case I want a little more tea, but I don't want to go crazy. Then I was at the At Home store and saw an awesome ceramic travel mug that I just had to have. It has the words"Create Your Own Happiness" written on it. I have been trying make that basic phrase my motto over the past couple years, so it reminds me of that. Yet again it is the perfect size. Great for if I want less tea than if would get with a normal travel size cup, but it still keeps my tea warm and keeps it from spilling. I enjoy drinking out of both my new mugs, and I love that they both have positive words on them that make me happy.

New Harem Pants

I love harem pants. They are comfortable like sweatpants but look a heck of a lot nicer. There are also a wide variety of styles of harem pant. Since the pants I got last year are getting a bit worn I decide to get a few new pairs of harem pants in new styles. One style is a cool two outfits in one deal. The pants can be worn really baggy so that they look almost like a skirt, or they can be pulled over the chest to be worn as a romper. I got three pairs of this type in different prints, because the two in one idea was too cool to pass up. The pair in the picture is the one I'm currently wearing. Then I got one plain black pair of less baggy more dance/yoga type harem pants for teaching or sleeping in. Though I will probably wear them around town as well. I can't even fully express how obsessed I am with all four of my purchases. They are so pretty and also the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I think I could be happy wearing only this type of pant for all my life. Haha! I didn't get a chance to take pictures of myself wearing the pants, so hopefully you don't mind the amazon pictures.

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