Monday, March 14, 2016

Fictional Friend Book Tag (Original)

I have a lot more fictional friends than fictional boyfriends. Thus, I decided to make up a tag that focuses on our fictional friends. I put the list of questions in the tag below in case anyone wants to do this too. Hope you all like it.

1. Childhood/Teen Friend - Pick a character that was or would have been a friend to you in your youth
2. Kindred Spirit - Pick your fictional best friend. The friend that shares your views the most.
3. Age Gap Friend - Pick a character that is 5 or more years younger than you or 5 or more years older than you that you would hang out with.
4. Work Friend - Pick a character that you would really only see at work but you would have a great time working together.
5. Friend of the Opposite Sex - If you are a girl pick a fictional guy friend and if you are a guy pick a fictional girl to be friends with.
6. Long Distance Friend - Pick a fictional character you would long distance chat with through letters, text, online chat etc.
7. Wacky Fun Acquaintance - Pick a character that is perhaps too high maintenance to hang out with every day, but is still interesting to be around in small doses.
8. Your Fictional Sibling(s) - Pick one or more characters to adopt as your fictional siblings.
9. Road Trip/Adventure Friend - Pick a character to take on a road trip or adventure.
10. Either pick a few characters to be part of a fictional musical band with or create a group of fictional friends to be your fictional posse.

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