Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tunes For Tuesday - Vintage Vinyl Finds

Hello all. I've been thinking that I should talk about vinyl more on this blog. So I thought I would show off the vinyl that I buy on occasion. Over the weekend I got to go to a new vinyl shop that opened in November in Franklin, TN called Luna Record Shop. I sells a nice selection of vintage and new vinyl. I'm so excited that there is a another place to get vinyl. I was in a vintage mood so that is what I went for this shopping trip. Here is what I found.

The Monkees
I found this record in the $5 record section. I love The Monkees. I used to stay up late and watch reruns of the show when I was a kid. This record is like a reminder of my childhood and at such a good price it couldn't pass it up. It was great to listen to. Even though they started out as a fictional band they still had some great songs.

Simon & Garfunkel: The Sounds of Silence
Oh my gosh! I can't believe I own this album! I didn't realize until I found it that it is probably the Simon & Garfunkel album I most wanted to own. To add to it's awesomeness it is in great condition. Whoever own it before really took care of it. I loved listening to the wonderful songs and skilled musicianship. So happy!

Tommy The Movie Soundtrack
When I picked this up my mom said, "I thought you didn't like that movie?" To which I replied,"I don't really but I still like the songs." Haha! The movie does freak me out and it takes a lot to disturb me. However, I do think the songs and musical arrangements are great, so I got this album anyway. Plus it just seemed like a good collectors item. It's a double LP with wonderful album art. The vinyl sleeves have all the lyrics to the songs and photos from the film which is cool. However, I noticed even more than before how strange the songs are. Weirdly, I still like them as long as I don't have the watch the movie.

So those were my most recent vinyl finds. I hope you enjoyed me sharing them. Keep it shiny!

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