Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - The Beauty of Bookends and Little Girl Blue

Hello all! It's weekly obsession time. Let's go on with the show.

#3 Bekith Tea Infusers

I got these new Tea Infusers several weeks ago, but silly me I kept forgetting to talk about how much I love them. I have recently gotten into drinking loose leaf tea I realized that my tea infuser situation was a bit sad. I only had one and it was a rather old sub-par one to boot. Of course I went to Amazon to find a better tea infuser and discovered these Bekith ones. I love them so much. They are easy to store because they come with stands to set them on when they are not in use. They are easy to clean. To add to it they are cute to look at due to their fun leaf shape and multiple colors. The leaf shape also helps them sit in your tea cup quite nicely. The joy of tea is even more joyful now.

#2 Our Current Bookend Collection

My mom and I love bookends. We discovered that they are not only an excellent decorative way to hold up books on your shelf, but they are a great way to create shelving space where there once was none. They are also very helpful for storing books that are of a odd size and shape and DVD box sets. Over the course of several months we've been adding to our bookend collection. Our most resent addition arrived this week in the form of two adorable owl bookends that we put in the children's book section. They are the cutest thing. I love all my bookends. Our full collection now includes owls, Arthurian knights, blue telephone boxes, and crazy haired musicians. All things that reflect things that we love. They make me smile.

#1 Nina Simone's Little Girl Blue On Vinyl


 have been wanting to add a Nina Simone album to my vinyl collection since the beginning of the year. I searched in stores and couldn't find any. I went on Amazon and found some, but the one I really wanted Little Girl Blue was out of stock. I put it on my wish list anyway. It took a really long time for it to get back in stock, but finally it was in. I bought it as soon as I saw it and it arrived on Friday. I love this album and it sounds so great when played on my new turntable. Nina Simone was just so flipping talented. This album is the perfect thing for my collection.

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