Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - I'm Weird and Washi Tape Is Awesome!

Hello people. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. Here are my weekly obsessions for the week. I actually have four this time. Fun!

#4 The Impossible Knife of Memory

I love Laurie Halse Anderson's books. She is one of my favorite authors. I actually started her novel The Impossible Knife of Memory a couple weeks ago. However, I have been in a comic book reading mood for most of the month, so it wasn't until this week that I truly got into reading this book. Even though I haven't completed the novel yet I'm am obsessed with it. The character development is wonderful as well as the development of the relationships in the book. The story is about a teenage girl who has a father with PTSD as well as dealing with her own past and what is in store for her future. As always this author manages to take a tough subject and bring it to light without making the book totally depressing. I can't wait to see what happens as the book goes on.

#3 Murder Maps

I am one of the those people who likes to watch true crime shows and documentaries. I fully acknowledge that it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I find the psychology and science of crime solving interesting. Netflix recently put up a new documentary series called Murder Maps. It focuses on the s
hocking murders that took place in London in the late 1800's and early 1900's, and how detectives and early innovations in forensics solved the case. It is a most intriguing series. I like how they mix in a good bit of interviews, voice over, and reenactment into the format of the show. I know I'm weird, but it is interesting to me none the less.

#2 Daredevil

Mom, dad, and I are binge watching shows crazy fast. It was time to find the next show. This time I suggested trying the Netflix original Daredevil, because mom and I have been meaning to watch it since the first season came out. Dad doesn't watch much in the comic book or superhero genre, but since I know a little about Daredevil I figured that there might be something in it he would find interesting. This show is awesome! Not only are the characters and writing on point but the fight choreography, stunts, and sound design are better than some movies I've seen. An extra plus is that everybody in the family seems to enjoy it. I mean mom and I did have to give dad some general background on Daredevil and explain to him why masked vigilantes are well...masked. Haha! After that though it was enjoyment all around.

#1 The Wonderful World of Washi Tape Crafts

I have been in the mood to try new crafts. I love crochet, coloring, and other crafts that I come up with. Yet it is always fun to try something new. I was on Amazon searching stuff and suddenly I discovered a book of crafts to do with washi tape. I had a couple rolls of washi tape, but I didn't know you could do much with it other than tape pictures up with fun patterned tape. I decided to get the book a find out more about it. Turns out you can decorate almost any thing with this colorful paper tape. You can even make flowers or wall designs with it. Since I've discovered this I've gone washi tape crazy. First I used the tape I had along with some Marvel themed puzzles, and scrap book embellishments to create a super cool wall hanging. I love it so much! It is so whimsical and fun to look at. Then I used washi tape to decorate a tea tin that I had laying around. There are some other projects I want to try, but I want to get more varieties of patterns before I give them a go. This new craft is so fun and easy. I'm so happy I discovered it. I might seriously decorate everything with it. I love a pattern and a pop of color.

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