Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Broadchurch

Hello fabulous people! Time for this weeks obsessions. Yay!

#3 Confession On A Dance Floor On Vinyl

Confessions On A Dance Floor is my favorite album by Modonna. So when I started my vinyl collection I knew that I had to get that album some day. I put it on my amazon wishlist and waited a bit until I could get a good sale on it. The original price wasn't bad considering it's a double LP in limited edition pink vinyl plus it came with a MP3 download of the whole album. Still it's always nice to get a few dollars off. This week I finally ordered it and it was delivered not long after. It is so awesome! I'm glad that I waited to get it until I had a better turn table with better speakers. It is electronic album deserving of good speakers for pumping bass.

#2 The Cleopatra Album by The Lumineers

I've always enjoyed music by The Lumineers. However, for some reason I kept not getting around to listening to their newest album Cleopatra. Then my mom recorded a concert the band did for television and we watched it over the weekend. I loved hearing the songs and I loved the interview sections where they explained the inspiration for the new songs. The lyrics became even more interesting knowing what was behind them, and I thought it was great how the band experimented with different time signatures in the composition of the music. That same night I listened to the whole Cleopatra album. I think it is brilliant. I totally want it on vinyl some day now.

#1 Broadchurch

The show Broadchurch popped up in my Netflix suggestions. My mom, dad, and I tend to enjoy a serial drama and the Doctor Who fan in me was open to a show with David Tennant. Thus, I figured it was worth a try. Broadchurch is a British show about two detectives trying to solve the murder of young boy in a small town. Wow! This show is an emotional and mysterious roller-coaster. I don't think many shows can keep you guessing the way Broadchurch can. This show is so smartly written and it also knows how to bring light moments in a situation that could become really depressing. Add on to that the acting is phenomenal and the cinematography is ridiculously awesome. We finished season one and two so quickly because it's the kind of show where you just have to know what is going to happen.

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