Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Cartoons

Hello again readers. Here are my obsessions. Yay!

#3 Young Justice

I was on the look out for another half hour length show to watch. Cartoons are always a safe bet, so I decided to check out Young Justice. The show is about the sidekicks for the DC characters in the Justice League deciding they are ready for more responsibility. Thus, the League decides to let them try their hand at fighting crime on their own. This show is so amusing. I love seeing the characters learn how to work together as a team all while going through their normal teenage drama. Cartoons are so fun.    

#2 Blameless

By the end of April I had realized that I had been reading the third book in the Parasol Protectorate series since February. I'm okay with reading books slowly but that is just a little too long. I realized it was because relationship between one of my favorite book couples, Alexia and Conall, was a bit on the rocks at the moment. This week I put it in my mind to get over that little detail and finish this book. I was so glad that I did. I think this book was the most exciting in the series so far. There were so many exciting chases, escapes, and fight scenes. As always the author, Gail Carriger, made all three of those thing both exciting and hilarious all at once. How does she do that?

#1 New Vinyl

There were some good deals on Amazon on some the vinyl that I had put on my wishlist. It was time to do my monthly vinyl shopping, so I figured it was the perfect time to buy a couple albums. After much debate I decided to get The Doors self titled album and Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I love both of these albums so much. I was extra excited to get them because my dog was sick over the week, and I needed some good music to pick me up. Both albums are so awesome. Also as my dog was getting better she seemed to be seriously relaxed by the Raising Sand album. Which is good because she needed the extra rest. 

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