Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Glasses, Styling Videos, and Books Of Course

Hello All. Here are my obsessions for the week. Yay!

#3 Foster Grant MutiFocus Glasses

I have now excepted that I must wear reading glasses if I want to read my books. Wearing glasses used to be optional because I used to wear them just to help with my slight dyslexia. Now though I'm pretty sure I should probably go to the eye doctor. Haha! Until I get around to getting some prescription reading glasses my mom suggested I get the Foster Grant MutiFocus Glasses at Walgreens. These glasses are made with three different strengths for different things you might be doing. The bottom third of the lenses are for reading, the middle is for computer work, and the top is for interacting. These glasses are so handy. An extra plus is that I no longer have to take my glasses off if I want to quickly talk to someone, look at the tv, or go get something without the world being blurry. Yay!

#2 Guy Tang's Hair Styling Videos

I have been on YouTube lately searching for ideas to do something new with my hair. I already dye my hair red but I figured I could try something new with the way I cut and style it. However, when I was searching I found myself draw to celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang's videos. Even though I would probably never do most of these hairstyles myself, because I neither have the money to get my hair professionally colored nor the desire to bleach my hair, I still love watching others get these fabulous colorful hairstyles done. Guy is truly a hair artist and he also has a fun personality which makes watching his videos even more fun. I did actually get inspired for some new hairstyles that I can do too. Yay!

#1 Reading House

The book House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker has been on my shelf for some time. I made up my mind to read it this year. My mom read it before me and she had been telling me that I need to read it ever since. The mood struck me to pick it up this week and I can not put it down. This book is about four people who get trapped in an unusual house with two problems one is the killer outside and the other is the supernatural craziness going on inside. This book has been exciting and creepy from page one. I've read about half of it in barely any time at all. I can't wait to see how it ends.

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