Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Hamilton Doc and Other Adventures

Hello all. Here are my obsessions. One of them is weird I know, but I'm weird so it's okay. Haha!

#3 My Old Green Socks

This week after a year of looking through my huge collection of socks I finally found the matching pair of my favorite old green socks. I know it's strange that I am so excited by this, but they truly are my favorite and most comfortable pair of socks. They are probably from my middle school days and they still fit and haven't gotten any holes yet. I was so bummed when I kept digging through my sock box and only could find one sock. It made my week great when I found them both.

#2 Peter and The Shadow Thieves

Peter and The Shadow Thieves is the second book in the Peter and The Starcatchers series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, which is a parallel and prequel set of novels to Peter Pan. I've have been meaning to get around to the second book for a few years and I finally got around to cracking it open. I became totally engrossed in the adventure of the Peter and The Shadow Thieves story. The authors created a book that is even better than the first in the series, and I love the first book to pieces. I seriously had trouble putting this book down, and all of my other reads were totally forgotten until I finished Shadow Thieves. I loved this book so much! I'm even more excited to jump into the last two books in this series now.

#1 The PBS Hamilton Doc 

Seeing as I am a musical theater junkie who doesn't live in New York I have to get my musical fixes anywhere I can get them. Thus I was super excited to watch the PBS documentary entitled Great Performances: Hamilton's American that first aired on October 21st. Due to multiple recording snafus I didn't get to watch it until Sunday, but it was worth the wait. This documentary is partially backstory on the development of the smash hit musical Hamilton and partially a history documentary of Alexander Hamilton himself. I love learning the development stories of movies or theater productions, and I love history documentaries. Of course I loved the Hamilton Doc. The only down side is that it made me want to see the musical even more than I already did before. My mom is looking into a trip to Chicago to see it at some point. Let's cross out fingers that she can make it happen. If you haven't gotten to watch Hamilton's America you must see it you can stream it on the PBS website until November 19th. I maybe listening to/watching it again while putting the finishing touches on this blog post. Haha! Check out the trailer.

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