Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - New Phone, New Vinyl, Awesome Audio Book

Hello all! Here are my obsessions for the week. I only just got numbers 1 and 2 on Tuesday so I haven't had them that long. However, I'm excited to get them so I thought I would share them anyway.

#3 Breakfast at Tiffany's Audio Book

One of the books that I picked out to reread last week was Truman Capote's novella Breakfast at Tiffany's. I often like to listen to rereads in audio book. I found a cool audio book version of Breakfast at Tiffany's on Audible read by actor Micheal C. Hall. This audio book was amazing! I loved how Micheal C. Hall narrated the story. Not only was his voice perfect for the the first person narration of the main character but he also read each character with different sounding voice. He even did the female characters justice. It was a wonderful way to re-experience a book that I already love.

#2 A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack In Vinyl

I try to get at least one new album in vinyl each month. I thought since it is approaching the holiday season I would get a Christmas album. I've had the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas on my wishlist for a while and Amazon had it in green vinyl so I decided to order it. I very happy to own it. It is joyful and jazzy. It's also very relaxing. I put it on to make sure it worked and I may have taken a tiny nap while side B was playing. Haha!

#1 A New Phone

My mom and I realized a couple months ago that our phones were fairly old and very near the dying point. We thought it was time for an up grade. My mom is awesome a researching new tech and after looking at all the options she thought the best phone to get was the LG V20. It took us a long while to get the phones because every time we call the T-Mobile store it was sold out. Finally we just decided to order it directly from T-Mobile which was way easier. The phone arrived on Tuesday and we both were able to set up out new phones. Of course there is always a bit of a learning curve when you get a new phone. Plus, I have fix all my settings and download my apps. However, I am just excited that I now have a phone that will hold charge for longer than a few hours. The phone also has some sound and other media features that I'm excited to explore. Yay!

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