Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Tea and Little Christmas Joys

Hello all! I'm in the holiday spirit so most of my obsessions are Christmas related.

#3 Echinacea Plus Tea

Over the Thanksgiving week my dad got a cold meets a sinus infection meets pink eye. It was so not good. I really didn't want to catch any sickness over the holiday. So I started looking though my large collection of teas and found this Echinacea Plus Tea. I started drinking it when I'm in the mood for tea or when I felt a hint of any type of sickness. It seems to be keeping illness at bay. Since it is in liquid form it works much faster than taking Echinacea in pill form. I hope I can keep sickness away from me for a good long while.

#2 Christmas Snoopy Mug

As I mentioned last week I am obsessed with getting cute mugs. I was in Big Lots shopping for Christmas decorations and I could not resist getting this Christmas Peanuts mug featuring Snoopy. Not only do I love that it has Snoopy on it but I also love the colors and design in the background. Whenever Christmas and the Peanuts are combined I become a happy girl.

#1 Annual Christmas Socks

Every year during the holidays I get a new pair of Christmas designed socks. This week I got two new pairs. One pair has cute gingerbread men on them and the other a bunch of adorable penguins. I think I made the perfect choice with my Christmas socks this year. They are made with just the right type of material so that my feet don't get too cold or hot and they don't pinch my ankles. These sock are like a comfortable sweater for my feet. Yay!

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