Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music, Movies, and Coloring

Hey everyone! Here are my obsessions for the week. It was an artistic and musical week.

# 3 New Coloring Books

My uncle and aunt gave me a Master Card gift card for Christmas. I thought I would use it to get a couple coloring books. It had several on my Amazon wishlist but I decided to get the Doctor Who and The Princess Bride coloring books. The pictures in both are fun and creative. Though I will say that Princess Buttercup is drawn rather oddly in the Princess Bride book. I don't even care because I'm that obsessed with The Princess Bride. Haha! I've started coloring the title page of The Princess Bride coloring book and I'm having a great time. I'm very excited to try one in the Doctor Who book as well. Maybe I can color in it while watching Doctor Who. Haha!

#2 La La Land

On Monday I finally got to go to the theater and see the movie La La Land. It was lovely. Of course I loved it just for the fact that it was a musical. However, there were so many other lovely things that I loved about the movie. It has a great vintage flare to it. I thought it was great how all the technical elements of the film like writing, direction, cinematography, and editing worked together to tell the story so beautifully. The dance elements were wonderful moments that helped tell the story. The acting was brilliant as well. The movie made me cry for some reason and movies rarely make me cry. It was most certainly the type of movie I could see adding to my movie collection when it leaves the theaters.

#1 Jain

One of my youtube followers and friends recommended that I check out the music artist Jain. I'm always on the look out for new artist so I went to watch some of her YouTube videos and listen to her album "Zanaka." I love her! Her music has a dance and world music flavor that makes you want to bob your head or dance. I also love female singers that have vocal styling of their very own. No one else sounds like her. That is awesome! Every time I get a chance to listen to music this week I end up listening to her.

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