Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Coloring, Music, and TV

Hello All! Time for the obsessions. Yay!

#3 Starting A New Coloring Page

I'm finally getting around to coloring a page in my Doctor Who coloring book. I decided to start with a page featuring Doctors 9 through 12. I'm not finished coloring it yet but I'm having a lot of fun coloring it so far. The most amusing part was when I had to look up the eye colors of all the actors to make sure I got them right. Haha!

#2 Joseph

I discovered the sister trio Joseph through a Spotify playlist. I fell in love with their song "Canyon." I figured since I was listening to that song so much I would probably enjoy more of their music. So this week I got around to listening to their "I'm Alone, Not Your Not" album. I love them! They are such a cool indie folk group. Of course they have those wonderful sisterly harmonies. I'm definitely going to continue listening to them.

#1 Starting Supernatural Over

I am about three seasons behind on the show Supernatural. Being behind has started to annoy me because a couple of my friends love the show too and we can't talk about it without me getting spoiled. Also I miss the characters on the show. I had a opening in my binge watching schedule so I decided to pick the show back up again. There was a lot about the show I had forgotten so I'm just starting over from the beginning. I know it's probably going to take me a long time to get through all of the seasons to catch up, but I figure it will be more fun with my memory refreshed. I'm having so much fun watching the show again. It's the kind of show where you always see something new when you watch it again. My mom is starting the show over too so that we can watch newer episodes together when we catch up. We have fun talking about the older episodes so it's extra cool.

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