Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - A New Banjolele and Other Awesome stuff!

Hello all! Time for the weekly obsessions. These ones were easy to think up because they really made my week awesome.

#3 The Arrival of Amazon Orders That Made Tuesday Awesome

Tuesday was kind of a blah type of day. However, it's the little things that can cheer you up on such a day and I did get a bit of a cheer up moment. Both my copy of Neil Gaiman's new book Norse Mythology that I pre-ordered, and the La La Land soundtrack that had been on back order finally arrived. I was super excited to have both things in my hands. It turned out to be great timing because whenever I felt blue I could listen to my new album or read my new book. An extra plus is that both items are lovely looking. Norse Mythology has a wonderful cover and the edition of the La La Land soundtrack I got came in blue vinyl. Pretty!

#2 Re-Watching Life Unexpected

I wasn't feeling well on Sunday and Monday so I decided to rest. I figured while I was chilling out I would binge watch a show. I wasn't in the mood for something new so I decided to watch one of my old favorite Netflix discoveries Life Unexpected. A wacky drama about a teenager in foster care who tracks down her birth parents in order to get emancipated, and ends up being remanded back into her real parents' custody. I love this show. The characters are endearingly flawed which means that they end up in the craziest and occasionally hilarious situations. I love seeing how the family and friends develop an awesome bond despite their flaws. The show only lasted two seasons so I was able to binge watch the entire show in two days. I laughed, occasionally cried, and just had a fun moment of relaxation and escape.

#1 New Banjolele!

I love playing the banjolele. However, my old one is a small soprano banjolele. Even though it sounds great as I started to play more bar chords or up the neck the size of it made it not as fun to play. For a long while I've been wanting to get a tenor banjolele that is bigger in size. This week my mom and I were going to a local music store and we decided to see if they had the type banjolele we were looking for. They did and it was a Kala brand. A brand we already like in terms of normal Ukuleles. We used our joint funds to purchase it. I'm so happy that we did. It's well made and sounds wonderful. It so much better for the types of songs we play. Plus, it just looks lovely. Yay!

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