Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music Yay!

Hello everyone. Only two obsessions this week again. Probably because I haven't started any new binge watches. However, these two are super fun and musical.

Ane Brun

I discovered Ane Brun's music from watching the show Hell On Wheels. One of the episodes has a song of hers that caught my ear. I guess it caught my dad's ear too because he went and figured out who the artist was. I'm very glad that he did. I started listening to her music and I love her singing voice and alternative/folk style. She has cool originals and some nice interpretations on the cover songs she has recorded. It's going to take me awhile to listen to all of her music. She has so many albums. I will be joyfully discovering her music for a long time.

Pentatonix Album on Vinyl

I often check my vinyl Amazon wishlist to see if anything I've wishlisted is has a price cut. The prices of items can fluctuate depending on the day or how many unit of the items they had in stock. I recently checked and saw that the deluxe edition of the Pentatonix album in limited edition white vinyl was on sale for something like $8.95. I couldn't believe it. Especially since it is a double LP and it was brand new. Of course I had to buy it while the price was down. It arrived over the weekend and I love the music. I had heard almost all of the songs already but it was great to hear them over my sound system. As always their harmonies are the bomb and I love that they explore different genres with each song. An extra plus is that the album art is so happy and colorful.

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