Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Puzzling and Anne With An E

Hello all. Time for the weekly obsessions. I'm really into puzzles right now so lots of puzzle things. Haha!

#3 Project Puzzle Rescue

It took me awhile but I finally finished the Rebel Without A Cause puzzle. Unfortunately when I finished it I realized that I had lost three puzzle pieces. It was a bit of a bummer considering that I had spent so many weeks working on it. However, I was determined to find a solution. After looking into getting replacement pieces I decided that it was easier and less costly to just cover the holes. I got my crafty brain on and came up with a cool idea. After I glued the puzzle together with puzzle glue I printed the out some pictures from the movie Rebel Without A Cause. Then used Mod Podge to glue the pictures to craft foam that I decorated with washi tape. The foam had a sticky side so it was easy to just stick it on to the places where there were puzzle pieces missing. I really like how this project turned out. Now I have the puzzle nicely framed and I can't wait to hang it in my room.  

#2 Treasure Hunt Bookshelf Puzzle

t's safe to say I'm puzzle obsessed at the moment. As soon a I finished the Rebel puzzle I needed to start another one. I decided to get the Treasure Hunt Bookshelf puzzle off of Amazon. I am so excited to be working on this puzzle. It's is all about books. You know books are one of my favorite things. Not only that but the picture has so many fun fantasy details and it is so colorful. It's pleasure to work on. I'm planning to frame this one and hang it in the living room which doubles as a library. Let us all cross our fingers that I won't lose any pieces this time. Haha!

#1 Anne With An E

The new Netflix show Anne With An E debuted on May 12th. I'm willing to give anything Anne of Green Gables related a try, because I love the Anne books dearly. Thus, my mom and I sat down that night a started watching the show. I know that a lot of Anne of Green Gables fans are divided on if they love or hate this series. I personally loved it. The show does make several changes to original story, and does take a different approach to the tale. However, I didn't mind this approach to the story. Perhaps this is because I always choose to view adaptations as separate entities from their original works or any previous adaptation. As long as the characters have similar innate qualities to those in the book and the new material/changes are not senseless or stupid I'm happy. I think that the best way to view this new Anne series is as separate entity with some excellent nods to the novels.

The series does take more realistic tone to the story that may seem darker in comparison with the books or any other adaptation. However, when you think about it there are some pretty sad things that occur in the Anne books. The novels just tend to focus on the more positive moments where as the series explores more of the feelings in between the lines. I found by doing so the show made me further appreciate the light moments, relationships, and the backstories of the characters. It made me think about the feelings of the characters in a new way. In addition both the acting and the cinematography in Anne With An E is wonderful. I enjoyed watching all seven episodes greatly. It told me a different but still very good story. I feel that I can love the books, the 80's mini-series, and Anne With An E for different reasons, and that is alright by me. I really hope that despite the mixed reviews the show gets a season two. The last episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, and I would like to see how it resolves.

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