Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Clockwork Princess and Haven

Hello all. I only have two true obsessions this week. It seemed like if I wasn't reading one I the was watching the other. Haha!

Clockwork Princess

Yay! I read the last book in The Infernal Devices Trilogy Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. I was so obsessed with this book. It's one of the those novels that is difficult to put down, and that I thought about when I wasn't reading it.  It was such an excellent story that I got highly invested in. Clockwork Princess is also one of the few books in my history of reading that made me cry. That a is a rare feat for a book. I think I read this one quicker that any of the Cassandra Clare's Shadow Hunters novels I've read previously. I loved it and someday I will most certainly read Clockwork Princess again.

Season 5 of Haven

A few years ago I loved the TV show Haven. However, because of the ever changing scheduling of the show on the Syfy channel I lost track of the show and never got to watch all of the final season. I finally got around to starting to binge watch the show in full on Netflix. I finished with the final season this week. I was in full binge watch addiction mode by the time I got near the end. I kept trying to squeeze in an episode more than I usually do. Season 5 was just that addicting. The situations the characters find themselves in are the craziest they have ever been in on the show. That is saying something considering the show is about a town that is filled with people who have dangerous super powers that are curses. I'm so happy that the series had a solid ending. I was really worried that it wouldn't, because the show is so complex. I enjoyed the whole series over all which is awesome. Although it did make me cry a couple of times. What is it with everything making me cry this week? Haha!

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