Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music, Music, Music

Hello all. This is a very musical weekly obsessions this time around. I don't have a countdown this time, because I love all these obsessions this week equally. I was a really fun week and weekend.

Anthems for the Apocalypse by Jonathan Jackson + Enation

On Friday July 14th Jonathan Jackson + Enation's new album was released. Jonathan Jackson and his brother Richard who is the drummer in the band did an album signing at my local Barnes and Noble. Since Enation is a favorite band of mine as well and my mom's we decided to go there get the CD of the album. It was wonderful briefly chatting Jonathan and Richard for a second time. We met them at a meet and greet at one of their concerts for their previous album. They are both such sweet and kind people. Of course we got our copy of the new album signed which is pretty cool. I love this new album. It's very progressive rock which really shows of the the talent of the musicians. I also love the stories in the song writing and the melodies. I can not stop listening to Anthems for the Apocalypse. Seriously every song on it is good. We have tickets to see Enation in concert in September. I'm so excited!

New Vinyl Records

I may have gone a bit crazy on vinyl purchasing this week. First I found Green Day's American Idiot album on Amazon for 30% off so I decided to order it. Then I was at the a fore mentioned Barnes and Nobel and just could not resist the vinyl section. I ended up buying Coldplay's Viva La Vida and Changes One Bowie by David Bowie. All of these albums are the bomb. They are all wonderful displays of musicianship. I'm so happy to have them as part of my collection. As an extra bit of fun my copy of Changes One came in clear vinyl. Only half of the re-released versions of this album were printed in clear vinyl so it is pretty cool that I snagged one.

The Little Mermaid Sing-A-Long

I love the Disney film The Little Mermaid. It was the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater. When the I saw that The Franklin Theatre was having a Sing-A-Long event for The Little Mermaid I knew that I had to go. I didn't care if I was an adult. Haha! My mom and my friend Katrina went with me because they also love a good sing-a-long. I went dressed in my Ariel tank top, mermaid scale skirt, and my red wig. As soon as I walked up the the theater a little girl said "Hi Ariel!" to me. How cute is that?! Actually a couple other kids thought I was the real Ariel which gave me a giggle and weirdly made me feel like a Disney Princess. Mom, Katrina, and I had a blast singing the songs and acting out the dialogue occasionally in our seats. They had props like bubbles to blow during the song "Under The Sea" as well. Which was additional fun. Katrina and I always want to sing when we go to musicals, but we can't without being rude. At this event we could sing to our heart's content. I had a great time.

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