Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Getting Organized and Other Ventures

Hello all! If you have been following me over the last week you can probably guess that I was pretty much consumed with Booktubeathon and other book/reading things. Regardless I did manage to come up with three new not book related obsessions. Let's jump in!

#3 The Return of The Hula Hoops

A few years ago I got into working out by teaching myself some easy hula hoop tricks. However, I stopped hula hooping for a while after moving two years ago. However, this summer I thought it would be fun to pick the hobby up again. It's a great way to get outside of the house into the sunshine and also tone my stomach and arms. I was pleasantly surprised that I could still do the few hula hoop tricks I know. I think I will try to learn at least two more before summer ends.

#2 New Planner

 I've been trying to focus more on getting organized and getting tasks done. For me the best way to do that is to have a weekly planner. I found a lovely one by chance at Walgreens. I love it! It has both and monthly calendar and a weekly planner for making to do lists. Having both is a great tool to help me remember to do tasks. To make planning more fun I have been using washi tape to decorate my planner as well as mark events. I'm determined to keep up the habit of being more organized.

#1 Book Work

I have been slowly working on a poetry book for the longest time. I finally decided that it was time to get myself into gear and pick up the pace on trying to get this book finished. I printed out the pages of the the poems I had so far and started getting to work. I've been working on it every day and brainstorming how I want to put the book together. I'm actually making pretty solid progress which makes me very happy. Maybe it won't be too long before I finish a first draft. While organizing this book I got and idea for a second poetry book, but I have to finish this one first of course. Haha!

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