Monday, July 31, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - 3 Fun Spotify Playlists

Hello all! Every once in a while I like to share some of my newly found fun playlists created by Spotify. I thought I would do that today.

Peaceful Guitar

This is a lovely collection of instrumental songs performed on the guitar. It's an excellent playlist for relaxing, falling to sleep, or reading.

Acoustic Covers

This is a collection of different cover songs performed acoustically. It's fun to see these different interpretations of these well known songs. I admit that not every song on here is for me, but since there is over 5 hours of music on this playlist a skip once or twice isn't a big deal. Overall it's a cool playlist for discovering new music. It's great for working on your computer or any time consuming task.

Christian Hip Hop/RnB/Dance

Okay this one isn't a new discovery at all. I first found this playlist several months back because it made finding music for kids hip hop dance class easy. I find Christian hip hop not only uplifting, but more melodic that normal hip hop. Plus, I can avoid children hearing any words they shouldn't. Haha! However, I recently realized that this is a nice collection of both my favorite artists in this genre as well as ones that I hadn't heard of. I have to admit it's really cool find new music in this genre to dance to. This playlist is obviously good for dancing, walking, and any kind of exercise.

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