Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekly Obession Wednesday - Fun With Music and Stay-cation!

Hello all. Happy Christmas Eve! Here are my weekly obsessions. Also a little note is that there will not be a vlog video this week, but if I see a fun YouTube video there will be a YouTube Video of The Week tomorrow. I have a lot of holiday projects going on. Next week we will be back to the normal schedule. Yay!

#3 Tapely

I started using a new website to make playlists called Tapely. It pulls the songs from SoundCloud and YouTube so I should be able to find music that I couldn't before. However, the cool thing about Tapely is that it has customization options. You can create a whole look for your playlist including pictures, colors, and fonts size. It's so much fun to make the playlists and look at the playlists that other people make. Some people name their playlists with hilarious titles. Check out my profile on Tapely.

#2 My Budding Record Collection

I got my record player last week, but I didn't get to try it out until this weekend, because I had no records to play on it. The only place close to my house that had records was a vintage store that sells vintage records and clothes. I ran in there and picked up three records to start my collection. My collection now consists of "Yesterday and Today" by The Beatles, "Parallel Lines" by Blondie, and "No Jacket Requird" by Phil Collins. I think those are a good start. I'm going to check Best Buy to see if they have any records too, but the vintage records store is pretty awesome. My plan is to purchase one or two records a month to build my collection.

#1 Stay-cation!!!

Technically the stay-cation hasn't happened yet, but I am excited about it. My aunt her family are going to visit us this weekend. They are staying a lovely inn, and so my parents and I thought we would stay there with them. Wee! We are going to have a stay-cation! Sort of... I guess we're not staying in our home, but we are staying in town. It's just fun to stay somewhere different every once in awhile.

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