Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Hilarity with Water Heaters and Other (Mostly Bookish) Obessions

Hey guys and girls. Here are the obsessions. A one of them are more like funny anecdotes than an obsessions. I still listed it because I thought you all might find it amusing.

#5 My Dad and I Replacing Our Water Heater...Ourselves?

So my weekend was rather eventful as I said on Monday. It all started with a Friday that seemed to last forever for various reasons that I will not go into in this post. Then on Saturday I was so wiped out from the day before all I could do was work on my book a bit and take naps. Then came Sunday. Yep, our water heater shut down for good. When I say broken I mean that there was water in places it really shouldn't have been. Ugg! The only good thing about this was that at least it was warm outside, and we did at least have cold water.

It also so happened to be a holiday weekend so there was no way we were going to get a plumber out then. Also it was a rather bad week for my dad and spending $400 dollars on said plumber was an overwhelming thought for him. Thus, we decided to install the new one ourselves. Though was I mostly there for emotional support and heavy lifting.

I know for a fact that from the outside we looked utterly hilarious. First of all both my dad and I are ADD/dyspraxic. This is the equivalent of the blind leading the blind when it comes to a project like this. Considering we both have the habit of turning screws/bolts the wrong way, putting important things down in places we shouldn't, not being able to understand directions, and also cluttered organization skills. The clutter in the garage was 90% of our problem. We kept having to move it. Then we had to move something else to move more clutter. I think it took most of the day just to get the old water heater out. After multiple pauses for new problem solving situations, we did eventually get the new water heater on top of three cinder blocks in the right spot.  It still took until the next day to finish hooking the thing up, but it works. I'm still amazed that Dad and I didn't get into an argument, and neither of us was even moderately injured after our little foray into plumbing. Especially considering we had no idea what we were doing. It's actually a very funny story after the fact. However, during the experience it was very exhausting.

#4 Palladio Eye Ink Eyeliner

I have been looking for a brown and blue colored liquid type liner that I like. I was in Sally's store and this brand of felt tipped liner caught my eye. I love it. It goes on the eye easily and the colors look very nice. I think I'm going to get this brand in more colors next time I go to the store.

#3 Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

 I have been challenged to a race of sorts with the guys from the YouTube Chanel Reign of Books to see who can finish Stephen King's Dark Tower Series the fastest this year. I had to re-read the first book because I had totally forgotten everything that happened. It's a rather complicated novel in terms of plot. I am so into reading this novel right now. Yet again Stephen King has gotten me out of a reading slump. I love his writing style in this book. I'm pretty excited about reading more of the series, even if I don't win the race. However, the end of my reading slump has lead to a TV slump. Hopefully I will find a nice balance between the two before my DVR overflows.

#2 Twilight

I was randomly struck by a need to re-read Twilight on Sunday night. Firstly, because enough time has passed since the over saturation of Twilight that I feel like I can enjoy it again. Secondly, I left my e-reader at the office and was unable to read my Dark Tower Novel until Tuesday. :(  Thirdly, it had been crazy week and I needed as many good laughs as I could get. Yes, you heard that right Twilight gives me a ton of good laughs. It bothers the heck out of me that some people don't get that Twilight is supposed to be more than occasionally funny. I guess they are missing Bella's sarcasm, Edward's dry humor, and Jacob's general hilarity. Not to mention the often funny dynamic of the interactions with the Cullen family of vampires and werewolves. I'm not saying Twilight does have it's serious moments. I'm just saying it isn't ALL serious. I know I'm not the only one that sees these things, but I think the movie making people definitely missed it. Anyway, reading Twilight was pretty much all I wanted to do Sunday night and all of Monday. It's just a fun, relaxing, fast read for me.

#1 Writing

I'm just obsessed with writing. It could be a poem, a blog, or working on character charts for my book. If I'm not reading I'm writing. Now that I'm doing more writing it just seems easier and easier to get a flow with words. It's just like everything you do. You have to keep practiced up.

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