Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Inspiration and The Paradise

Hey everybody. Here are the obsession for this week. I feel like a couple might be repeats, but I'm still obsessed with them.

#4 A New Magnetic Poetry Set

I love writing my Magnetic Poem of the Day. Thus, I am trying to collect as many new sets of Magnetic Poetry set as I can. Each set has different words and it's always good to have a couple repeats of words just in case I need that for my poem idea. I recently got the Book Lovers Magnetic Poetry set. I has all sorts of book related words like chapter, novel, villain, hero, etc. I'm having great fun experimenting with all the new words.

#3 Season 2 of The Paradise is FINALLY on Netflix!!!

I know I've mentioned this awesome British drama before, but I am so excited that season two of The Paradise is finally on Netflix. I don't care that the show got cancelled after season two. I still wanted to know what happened after season one, and it seemed like it was taking forever for Netflix to get it. I'm trying very hard to not too binge watch it all in one day. I want to savor the experience.

#2 Fan Video Inspiration

I haven't really been practicing editing with fan videos for awhile. Partly because I've been editing my vlog videos. Partly because I just haven't had any inspiration to make one. However, recently I found a song that really inspired me to start a new fan vid. Plus, I actually had the time this week to sit down and work on it. It's about movies where people have complex relationships. I find it very interesting to edit.

#1 Making Medleys and Mash-Ups

Since mom and I have almost gotten all our recording equipment we are trying to come up with cool things to record for YouTube videos. I thought I would put together some medleys and mash-ups of songs for that purpose. I've never really done much of that before so it's definitely not easy. However, it is one of those challenges that is really fun to try. I'm obsessed with figuring out how different songs by different artists can fit together without the song being too long or getting boring. It's exciting when I discover my ideas actually work. The medleys and mash-ups are going to take awhile to learn, but I think I've got them figured out enough to slowly work on them.

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