Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tunes For Tuesday - Nat King Cole Sampler Playlist

I was having a very bad ADD/Dyspraxic nervous system day on Saturday. It led to me having a rather sleepless night and unable to take a nap later in the day. The only thing I could think of to make me feel better was to listen to Nat King Cole, because he was the one of the most beautiful singers ever in my opinion. It totally worked! If the sound of his voice doesn't ease your nerves and lift your mood your are not human. Okay...I'm kidding but his voice did make me feel more human on Saturday. Thus, I was inspired to make a sampler playlist of his beautiful music and singing. I feel like I didn't pick many of his upbeat tunes, but his slower tunes tend to be my favorites.

Nat King Cole Sampler Playlist

1. Autumn Leaves
2. Unforgettable
3. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
4. L.O.V.E.
5. Nature Boy
6. This Will Make You Laugh
7. Mona Lisa
8. I Wish You Love
9. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
10. Smile
11. Embraceable You
12. Straighten Up And Fly Right

Click here to listen to this playlist on your computer with Tapely. I found a few video for Nat actually singing for this playlist and it is pretty cool.

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