Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Binge Watching and How The Keyboard Works

Hello everyone! Here are the obsessions. I spent a lot of time binge watching shows because I was in and out of not feeling very well. Hence the amount of TV obsessions.

#5 Barefoot

I was looking for something in the comedy section on Netflix to keep me entertained in my feverish state. I found this film called Barefoot. It starred two actors I like, Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood, so I decided to give it a watch. I absolutely adored this movie. First of all it was a quirky romance. You know I love a quirky romance. It's about a guy who works at as a janitor at a mental heath facility to meet with the requirements of his parole. He has some deep gambling debts and needs to go to his brother's wedding to convince his wealthy father to give him money. He takes one of the the female psychiatric patients as his date. Insanity ensues. Not only did this movie have funny moments but it had excellent character development. I love how film showed how the two main characters changed because meeting each other. It was the type of the movie where you wanted to know what happened after the film was over. Also it's was the kind of movie that I wanted to watch again right away.

#4  Re-watching Sherlock

Sherlock is always awesome but when you are feeling under the weather it is even better. It has a quality that is equal parts intriguing, hilarious, and relaxing all at once. Weirdly after I started re-watching Sherlock I started to feel much better. Apparently Sherlock and The Princess Bride are the best cold cures in the world. The cool thing about re-watching Sherlock is that there is always something that you missed the first time you watched it that you notice. It is also a great thing to watch when I work on my magnetic poems. All the different characters inspire me. Awesomeness!

#3 Binge Watching The Originals

I'm becoming one of those people that just records a ton of episodes of TV shows on my DVR and ends up binge watching them on a weekend. I've just become very annoyed with commercials and even fast forwarding through them. Also you don't have to deal with that weekly cliffhanger element if you watch TV that way. This weekend my mom and I decided to get caught up on The Originals. Oh boy! It almost killed me in a really good way. So many awesome story twists and turns. Plus they made me cry about the death of a character that I thought I didn't even like. Gosh! The actors are just so good on that show. Plus, the writing on the show is so well thought out. Speaking of writing am I the only one that thinks The Originals is way better than the show it is spun off from The Vampire Diaries? I'm talking exponentially better in terms of writing. Of course, this is coming from the girl who liked Angel better than Buffy. The trend seems to be that when it comes to shows about vampires the spin off show is always better. Also it could be that the college years of vampire shows are just not all that good.

#2 Downton Abbey Season Finale

I promise I'm not going to talk about Downton anymore after this post. Well...at least until next year. I can't help it. I'm obsessed with it! It is just so easy to get overly invested in this show and it is my favorite currently running show. The season finale aired Sunday. I had to wait to watch it though because I heard on Twitter that it was going to make everyone cry. Some people said they were crying five minutes in. That didn't happen to me. I didn't start to tear up until the end and it was a weird mixture of sad and happy tears. A Downton Christmas in March episode will do that to you. It was a beautiful two hour episode. At least no one died this season. That would have killed me. Not literally of course. Can't wait to see what's coming in the show next year.

#1 Learning How To Use The Record Feature On My Keyboard

As I mentioned in a previous post my mom and I working on some mash-up songs. It occurred to us that this would be much easier if we could use the record feature on our keyboard. That way we could layer sounds and have a more hands free experience. Also we could test if we like how something sounds without having to play at the same time. I always thought trying to use the record feature would be really difficult, but it turns out it isn't hard at all. I still need to learn a few more elements about how it really works, but I'm so excited about adding this element to our music. It's going to be so helpful.

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