Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - X-Files Has Taken Over My Life! And Other Cool Stuff

Hey all here are my obsessions for this week. It's a nice mix bag of treats.

#5 This Sweater

My ballet teacher often gives me hand me down clothes. They are so awesome that I have totally given up shopping for clothing useless I absolutely need to. This sweater is the most resent thing she has given me. I am in love with it. I literally wore it for four days straight. I'm not showing you a picture of me in it because I desperately need to wash it. However, I could literally wear it 24/7. It is so soft. It's warm when it is cool but not too hot when it is warm. Yep. I just wrote a long paragraph about my love for a sweater. Lol!

#4 Alba Botanica Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask

My skin was weirder than usual a couple weeks ago. Thus, I decided I needed to try a new facial mask. I found this one at Kroger and it has a lot of wonderful ingredients. I have been using this for two weeks and it is awesome. It's very light and easy to put on your face. It also doesn't dry out my skin, so I can use it every day if I want. I need to because my pores are HUGE. It is really starting to clear up my skin and help with some of my acne scares.

#3 VIP Tickets To Jonathan Jackson & Enation!!!

My parents and I are going to see Enation in May. We recently got our tickets in the mail and I am so flipping excited! I love their music. The extra plus is that my mom got us VIP tickets. Which means we get to go early and meet the band and hear them play an additional acoustic set. Shiny!!!

#2 New...Uhh...Old Vinyl

I decided it was time to add a few albums to my vinyl collection. I went to a local vintage record store because the I was in the mood to go vintage. I made some awesome finds. Most them were less than $10 in price which was extra awesome. Nancy Sinatra's Boots cost $16 but it was totally worth it. At the register the guy that worked at the store offered to sell me the Rod Stewart's Blondes Have More For for $2. I said sure. I'm not going to say no to a $2 vinyl. Plus it is a pretty groovy album. I now have 11 records in my collection. Shiny! The only down side is that I didn't know about Record Store Day until the next day. I could have actually waited a day to go vinyl shopping in Nashville and maybe had a few more options. Oh well. There is always next year. I'm pretty darn happy with what I got. I got three of the the artists on my vinyl list and a few artists that I just picked out for fun.

#1 X-Files

I started re-watching X-Files on Netflix not long ago. I guess it is perfect timing since they are reviving it soon. Yay! I realized that there are actually a few episodes I missed so I decided I definitely needed to rectify that problem. I knew I loved X-Files, but I guess I didn't know how obsessed I was going to get with it while binge watching it. I think it has officially taken over my life. If I'm not watching the show I'm watch fan videos about it. One day I seriously didn't even feel like moving. I just wanted to sit and watch Mulder and Scully deal with the paranormal. I'm addicted!

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