Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and NCIS From The Top

Hey everyone! Here are are the obsession for this week. Mostly music stuff but you know I love my tv shows.

#3 The Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn Album

I was in a mood to listen to banjo music this week. If you're in that mood the easiest thing to do is find some Bela Fleck music to listen to. I found this self titled album of him and his wife Abigail Washburn playing some awesome tunes. The only thing better than one banjo is two playing at once. Not only do I love the musical arrangements but I also love Abigail's vocals. It is just a lovely album. It's a nice album to read or write to if you are so inclined. However, it does make me wish I could play banjo. I did try but for some reason holding it hurts an old injury in my arm, so I had to settle for playing banjolele. Maybe I'll figure out how to make it happen some day. Until then my mom is learning to play banjo so my banjo isn't going to waste.

#2 NCIS From The Beginning

I am about two seasons behind on NCIS and it kills me. I forgot to record it a few times and I never got on track with it again. I finally decided it was time to get my NCIS fix. I just miss the characters too much. Since it is on Netflix I thought I would just start the series over from the beginning. I have never watched the series from the beginning. I think I started watching around season 3 and I've only seen some of the season 1 episodes in re-runs. It's pretty exciting seeing the show from the start. I enjoy seeing all the introductions of the characters. The great thing about starting this series is that there are 11 seasons so it's going to be awhile before I have to find another show to binge watch. Yay!

#1 Blue On Vinyl!

Over the weekend I was hanging out with a friend at Barnes and Noble. They have a small vinyl stock and my mom had a 20% off coupon, so I thought I would get a new vinyl. I haven't added to my collection for a while. I was scanning their selection and amazingly found a copy of Joni Mitchell's Blue album. I freaked! I have been wanting this album on vinyl since before I even had a vinyl collection. I thought that it was going to be hard to find because I wasn't sure if they had re-released it on vinyl. I can't believe I own it now. I am so excited. I sounds so wonderful. It's an extra plus that I got around five dollars off on it with the coupon. Dance of joy!!!

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