Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tunes For Tuesday - Joy Williams Performs The One That Got Away In Concert Video

Okay I fully intended to do a playlist today. Then I stumbled on this video of Joy Williams performing The One That Got Away. This was a song that she performed when she was still part of the duo The Civil Wars. It is one of my favorite songs on their album. Though I love that original version I loved this version equally as much for different reasons. I love the use of electronic beats and sounds and how they enhance the lyrics. I also just love the way she performs the song. It's like an art piece the way she acts it and uses her movement to tell the story of the the song. It gives me chills. Even though I will always love the original Civil Wars version of the song I still would love a recording of Joy singing the song on her own in this style. I think this was her vision for how she wanted to perform the song all along.

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Bryn Talk said...

Thanks for sharing this. Joy is one of my fav. vocalist. I like her acting in this performance.