Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - High Speed Internet and Zombies! Plus Can You Be Obsessed With Dislike?

Hello all. This week's obsessions are a bit weird except for one. Oh well. If you're obsessed you're obsessed I guess.

#3 Can you be obsessed with not liking something? 

I have touched on the fact that I am unable to read the Harry Potter books in a couple of my videos. I have never cared for the writing style or the general premise. However, I have been open to watching the films. One reason being that I am part of the Booktube community on YouTube and people do like and discuss the series often. I figured if I a least watched all the movies I could understand what other people were discussing, and also if asked I could explain exactly why I didn't like it. So I a week or so ago I borrowed all the movies from a student of mine to complete watching all the films. I watched them all. I can now truly say that I have tried everything to like Harry Potter and I still dislike it. I won't go into all my reasons but it all comes down to the fact that if one does not enjoy the premise, plot, world building, or characters in a story they simply will not enjoy the movie/books. The films were not terrible but they just were not my cup of tea. I actually had a hard time staying awake through them. Not a good sign of interest. Especially when the movie does have quite a bit of action going on.

Anyway, I've been kind of obsessed with analyzing and discussing with my mom why I don't like these movies along with other controversial things I don't enjoy such as the Divergent, season 6 of the Vampire Diaries, and Friends etc. You're probably wondering why I even care to spend my time on not liking this stuff. I actually don't care if people like these things and I don't. I'm glad they bring people joy. What I do care about it that some people I've had an acquaintance with can get so deeply defensive about the fact that I don't like the same thing they do that they will actually argue about it. To the point where I think they don't want to be my friend anymore over A BOOK or TV SHOW or MOVIE. I don't mind having a healthy debate but...Good grief! It's all fun and fiction. Can't we just agree to like what we want to like and be friends? Differing opinions are what make us interesting people. It bothers me that people are so defensive about it all. It's annoying that I even wrote two paragraphs about this, but I needed to rant. Again. Moving on. Can this obsession be over now? Yes, please.

#2 Catching Up On iZombie

I started watching iZombie when it first came on and I loved it. However, unfortunately it came on at time when two things a happened. One I got seriously burned out on watching shows week to week. I just wanted to binge watch everything leading to me falling into a Netflix/British TV Show abyss. I also got really busy a just couldn't keep up with week to week shows the way I wanted. I did however keep recording iZombie. While we had low speed internet for a few days at the new house mom and I decided to start catching up on the show again before it comes back on in October. I love how witty iZombie is and how it created its own Zombie mythology. It has such a wonderful balance of comedy and intrigue. I love the characters to pieces. (I feel like there was a very bad pun hidden in there somewhere.) I would love to read the comic some day to see what it is like. Plus, ironically watching the show feeding my Merlin addiction because Bradley James is on iZombie. One day I will shut up about my Merlin obsession but today is not that day.

#1 High Speed Internet Is Beautiful

As I mentioned for awhile there we had slow internet at the new house. We were basically just getting by on the ClearWire internet we had used at the office. ClearWire is stopping after November so the internet connection was very unreliable. I really shouldn't complain because some internet really is better than none. However, I do a ton of things that do need fast reliable internet speed. Thing such as this blog and more importantly my video blog. Fast speed internet is the difference between it taking a 45 minutes or less to upload a video or it taking 8 to 16 hours to upload a video. Crazy right? Anyway, we are only of those groups of people that uses Direct TV for television and Comcast for internet. Thus, we had to get in touch with two different companies to get all the entertainment stuff rolling. Last Thursday my dad got the Comcast people to come and connect the high speed internet. Yay!!! I may have done a small dance of joy. I could finally Netflix Doctor Who and upload my poems of the day to Twitter and Tumblr easily. I can't wait to upload my video book review of The Graduate to YouTube with beautiful high speed internet. The only reason it isn't up yet is because it is taking me forever to edit it with all that is going on. It's almost done though so at least it will be easy to upload it.

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Bryn Talk said...

Amen sister to fast internet. I am completely spoiled with it.Yes, and I will never get the big deal about Harry Potter. As I have said, they are not books for the metacognitive personality. I think too much, ask too many questions to be a Harry Potter fan.