Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Project Chalkboard Dresser and Other Artistic Ventures

Hey everybody! I was in a craft mood this week. Fun!

#3 All The Sandman Graphic Novels In Digital Copy!

Last week Comixology had and epic sale on all comics related to Sandman. All the original collected issue volumes were priced at something around $5. Mom and I decided it was a perfect time to buy volumes one through ten in digital copy. We have one through six in paperback but we figured why not go crazy and get the whole series. A sale is a sale. This is great because I love the series and I still need to read the last four volumes. However, the book store is always out of volumes seven through ten when I am shopping. Now I finally own the whole series. Once I read them all I will feel like I can start some the spin off series. I've read the Death mini-series but nothing else yet. I finished re-reading the first volume yesterday. I always knew Sandman was a bit creepifying but when you can make the panels bigger it is really creepifying. I still enjoy reading it though.

#2 It's The Crochet Time of Year

I love to crochet but I only like to do it in the fall and winter months. Usually I'm into making accessories like scarves and hats. However, this year I'm in the mood to make baby blankets and afghans. Luckily I know a couple people that are having babies soon, so I will have people to give these blankets to. This picture is how far I am into making the boy blanket. The other blanket will be of a similar design but the blue will be replaced with pink for a girl. After I finish these two blankets I may design an afghan for myself just for fun.

#1 Project Chalkboard Dresser

I had this old dresser that I liked the general shape of but it didn't really fit the look of my new bedroom. I wanted to do something quirky and fun with it that reflected my personality. I found an article about painting a dresser with chalkboard paint on the internet and that sounded cool and simple to do. You can tint chalkboard paint any shade you want, but since most of my furniture is black I just went with the traditional black chalkboard color. I am so pleased with how the dresser turned out. I replaced all the fixtures with these wacky fun green ones from Hobby Lobby after I'd gotten my painting done. Then I got some chalk and chalkboard pens and wrote quotes that I liked on the front and sides. I use this dresser to display my theater and dance memorabilia along with some of my music boxes. Thus, I tried to pick quotes that had to do with theater, music, and dance. I like that if I want to I can easily changes the quotes when I want something different. The display is so pretty. It is made extra pretty by one of my new decorated light strings. I have another new light string too, but I'm not done decorating that one yet. Maybe I'll show it off next week. For now here are some pictures of my chalkboard dresser.

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Michael Sladden said...

You have to check out Sandman: Overture, (now that it's FINALLY been completed)! It's actually a prequel to the series. Also Endless Nights, stories of the individual members of the Endless, all illustrated by different artists. And you might like Lucifer, even though it isn't written by Gaiman - I think the there's like 11 trades in all. There's also a new Lucifer series starting next month.