Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - The Wall of Shiny Things

Hello all. Here are the obsessions for this week. They are so nerdy. Haha!

#3 Monumental Mysteries

Monumental Mysteries is a documentary series on the Travel Channel. I watch Monumental Mysteries as well as it's sister series Mysteries At The Museum quite a lot on the TV. It's a cool way to learn new facts. It is also a good thing to read or take a nap to. Lately I've started watching Monumental Mysteries on Netflix as well. Mostly because sometimes I just need something in the background when I'm reading and I'm not in the mood to listen to music. However, I get the extra plus of learning about history and what different monuments represent.

#2 50 Pages A Day

I want to try to finish a few more books than usual this months. I decided that the best way approach this was to try to read fifty pages of at least one book a day. This would allow me to finish books faster and I it would also make me set aside time to read each day. I gave it a try and it worked. I finished two books rather quickly. I've decided to try and keep the fifty page technique going. I have several physical books in my possession that have lived on my shelf for years that I need to finish.

#1 Light Stings 2.0 and The Wall of Shiny Things

I was in the mood to do some more bedroom decoration this week. I love a good light string. I had to get some new ones when I moved so I decided too get more that I had before. I now have three. One has a dance/theater theme with its decor. The second is focuses on musicians/bands that I enjoy, and just other cool decorative things such as my origami dragons and ribbon clips. Recently my mom got me an awesome Doctor Who Tardis light string. I wanted to do something extra fun with the wall the featured that Tardis lights. It seemed lonely just pinned on the wall by itself. I decided to make a sort of nerdy wall of the fandoms/TV shows/comics/anime/book/movie stuff I like. I thought about getting posters, but the thought of getting posters of all that stuff seemed like a daunting task. I then I got an even more awesome idea. I got some postcard printing paper and found some cool pictures that represented things that I like. Then I printed them out. Postcard are the perfect size and the paper keeps me from having to do a bunch of cutting things out. I got some tape in cool patterns to put the postcards on the wall with. It looks awesome so far. The cool thing about it is that I can add more pictures or change some out when I feel like it easily. I call it my Wall of Shiny Things. It is pretty shiny.

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