Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Dance Topics - Contemporary Dance Choreography Set To Fix You

Hey all. This video contains a beautiful dance set to Coldplay's song Fix You. I have seen several dances set to this song, but I must say this one is one of the best I've seen. Mostly because the choreographer really told a story with the movement. However, creative use of movement and the location and camera work in this video make me love the dance even more. I usually don't include information from a videos description box, but today I will. I thought the story behind the dance was just as wonderful as the dance itself. I've included the notes from the description box below the video.

Information from the Choreographer: Kelsey Landers & I made this piece for my best friend Christina Ouk (Thina). 

Recently she was diagnosed with Lupus & has been fighting everyday for almost a year now, a battle that could take her life. As her best friend I was devastated, I didn’t know what this disease could do to her. I visited her in Houston & saw how it was affecting her: making her weak, unable to eat at times, spending weeks in the hospital, taking several medications at a time. The fear of losing her was real, & I felt so useless, that there was no way for me to help her. 

One night I had a dream, that I was helping her find her strength again, pushing her to fight this disease & be healthy again. That dream pushed me to make this video because I want my best friend to know, that I will be there for her always when she needs me. 

Even though I made this video for my best friend, this video goes out to all who are fighting for their lives against any disease & to those who have friends fighting, to always be there for them & never give up hope, because they need you more than you know. 

I love you Thinie & I will see you soon!

Huge thank you to Gerald Nonato (@Gerladnonadoez) & my beautiful partner Kelsey Landers (@Kelsey_Landers)

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