Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Fully Obsessed With Luther

Hello all! Time for weekly obsessions. Yay! Of course there was a lot of binge watching as usual. Haha!

#3 Fuller House

I seriously thought I wasn't going to get pulled into the Fuller House hype. I mean I like Full House but I don't watch the re-runs that often. However, one night I was in the mood to watch something that was just half hour in length. I thought why not give Fuller House a go. The format is fairly close to the original except it's three women (DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy) raising kids instead of three men raising kids. Some people might down that format but I think it works well for the easy going spirit of the show they are going for. I can say that after the first couple episodes Fuller House officially sucked me in. It's comedy that is silly and fun without being stupid, and I don't have to think too hard to watch it. I can't possibly be in a bad mood while it's on. Plus, I like the references to the original Full House show. They crack me up.

#2 The Colorify Coloring Page App.

I love coloring. I've loved it since before the adult coloring book craze that is going on right now. Sometimes though I don't feel like dealing with books, paper, or colored pencils. Your hand can get a bit tired if you color for a long time like I tend to do. I went looking of an alternative and I found a coloring page application that I could use on my tablet. The app. allows you to choose a variety of coloring pages. You can choose a wide range of colors and just tap the place where you want the color to be and it fills in. It is so cool and just a relaxing a physical coloring books. Here is a digital coloring page I filled it this week.

#1 Luther

It was time again to find a show that my mom, dad, and I could all enjoy together. I suggested the show Luther, because I have been wanting to watch it for a very long time. It is a show about a British police detective who between his personal life and catching some truly insane criminals has some serious issues. It turned out we all loved the show. We do all tend to like a good serial drama, and this is certainly one of those. My gosh the writing and acting is so good. Plus, the crazy people on Luther make the crazy people on any other show look sane. Haha! It is a super enthralling roller-coaster of a show.

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