Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Walking and More Washi Tape Crafts

Hello all! It's weekly obsession day. Hope you are all having a happy Wednesday!

#3 Walking

I realized this week how out of shape I am. I don't dance nearly as much as I used to because I'm not teaching full time anymore. Being out of shape is causing some of my old injuries to flare up. So this week I decided to try doing something about it. When I was a teenager I used to take a walk almost everyday. I thought picking up a walking habit again was a good idea. I've started my new walking regiment this week on the walking path behind my house and I'm quite enjoying it. It's good exercise as well as a nice way to calm the mind. I think I'm going to start with walking three days a week. That way I'll be three days a week and dancing three days. That should help me get in shape and hopefully lose a few pounds.

#2 My Return To Doctor Who

I like some other binge watchers I was super bummed when BBC removed Doctor Who from Netflix and Hulu. Especially since my mom and I were in the middle of season 5. I decided to wait it out because BBC said they were going to put all the seasons up somewhere eventually. This week I was on Amazon Instant Video and I saw that Doctor Who is now on Amazon Prime. I may have done a small dance of joy. Haha! Now mom and I can catch up on Doctor Who again, and become true Whovians. To add on to the joy they also put the Sarah Jane Adventures on Amazon Prime, so I can finish that show too. Yay!

#1 Washi Tape Bookmarks and Keyboard

As you might know I am completely obsessed with Washi Tape crafts. This week I purchased some washi tape in more patterns and decided to try some new crafts. One of them was to make some washi tape magnetic bookmarks. You can make them by wrapping washi tape around card-stock paper, cutting the taped strip with scissors, adding a small square of magnetic tape to each side of the strip, and then folding the paper in half. This craft is so easy. The bookmarks so fun looking. They are also handy because they don't make dents in your pages or fall out, and if you lose them you can always make more.

Another craft I tried was covering some of the keys on my computer keyboard with washi tape. I didn't do the whole keyboard because there are keys that I'm not as familiar with, and this project is also time consuming because you have to cut the tape to fit the keys. I still like the result of my work though. It certainly makes things like writing and video editing more fun. I can always cover more keys if I feel up to it or change the patterns of the tape when I get bored. Wacky fun!

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