Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - A Little Bit Of All My Favorite Things

Hello all. Here are my obsessions for this week. I think they are fun ones.

#3 Finishing Firestarter 

I try to read at least four books a month. I have read three this month so far and I have a week to finish another one. I want that book to be Firestarter by Stephan King. I started re-reading it a few weeks ago and it's the only book I'm close to finishing at this point. I think if I can manage some quality focus on reading and not fall asleep to early while reading I should be able to finish it by Saturday. I'm quite enjoying re-reading Firestarter. I read it the first time as a teenager and I feel like as an adult I understand the emotions and themes better this time around.

#2 Farscape

I'm nearly done with most of the shows I'm binge watching by myself so I figured I could make time for another one. I haven't watched a true science fiction show for awhile so I thought I would revisit the show Farscape. I used to watch the show a little when it was originally airing and I own season 1 on DVD. However, I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of episodes. I figure it's a good time to finally watch them all. Farscape is about an astronaut named John Crichton who is thrown into the far reaches of space and ends up share a space craft with a variety of alien fugitives. I love the premise of the show as well as the characters and the dynamic of the characters learning to work together. It's a great mix of emotional camaraderie and comedy.

#1 For King and Country

The band For King and Country is one of my mom's favorite bands. Thus, I kept meaning to get around to listening to them past the one single I had been hearing on the radio. I finally got around to listening to their most recent album this week. I love them too! I think their musicianship is brilliant. I particularly like how rhythmic their music is. They are a Christian band so of course their songs are inspiring and positive, but I also like the structure and word play in their lyrics. I also find the stories about the meaning behind their songs when they express them interviews. I can't wait to listen to more of their music.

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