Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tunes For Tuesday - Nickel Creek Sampler Playlist

Hello all. I haven't done a sampler playlist in a while. I thought I would do one for one of my favorite groups Nickel Creek. I always enjoy their blend of bluegrass and folk as well as their clever viewpoint in their lyrics. So here are twelve of their song including two of their instrumental songs as well. Enjoy!

Sampler Playlist - Nickel Creek

1. The Reasons Why
2. Spit On A Stranger
3. Helena
4. Destination
5. Robin and Marian
6. I Should've Know Better
7. Somebody More Like You
8. Hayloft
9. The Lighthouse's Tale
10. Hanging By A Tread
11. When In Rome
12. Elephant In The Corn

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