Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Geekdom and Music

Hello all. Here are my obsessions this week. Enjoy!

#3 Re-reading American Gods

I realized recently that I remembered very little of the book American Gods from the first time I read it several years ago. Which is understandable considering it has been a long time and the book is very complex. The book is in fact so complex that I can't even give you a summary that does it justice. This week I decided to re-read American Gods for a nice review before the TV series starts in 2017. I'm enjoying reading it even more than the last time I read it. Perhaps because this time I find it less confusing due to more knowledge about the world, story structure, and mythology. All things that definitely make American Gods more fun to read. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the crazy characters in this novel. There is nothing in literature like them and occasionally they make me laugh. By golly though I had forgotten how truly strange this book is. I mean there is some strangeness in there you just can't forget, but I didn't remember all of it. Haha! At least it's strange in a good way.

#2 Adele's 25 Album

I know I am light years behind everyone else in listening to Adele's album 25. I can't help it. I was waiting until it was up on Spotify. Which was dumb now that I realized I could have listened to it on YouTube, but ignore my weird logic. I finally got around giving this album a listen and I love it. There is a such a lovely mixture of songs. Excellent ballads and great groovy upbeat tunes. The songs are of course extremely well written as Adele songs always are. Her voice is as always flipping amazing. I will most certainly be getting this album on vinyl at some point.

#1 Comic Con Interviews and Panels

It's the time of year when I obsessively scan YouTube for footage from the panels and interviews at the San Diego Comic Con. I love learning about the new shows/movies and the new seasons of shows that I already watch. I love getting to see the personalities of the actors and hear the thoughts of the show creators. Somehow every time I watch something from Comic Con I end up laughing like a loon. This MTV interview from the Supergirl cast had me in stitches. Also this clip of the cast of Arrow singing a bit of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton is seriously fun.

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