Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - June Obsessions?

Hello all. I might as well call this June obsessions because I haven't written a weekly obsessions post for almost a month and my top two obsessions were definitely ones I had for most of June. So here we go with the obsessions.

#3 A Long Way Down Audio Book

I had six Audible.com credits in my possession. Since I was looking for a new audio book I thought why not use one? I decided to get the audio book of A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. This book is on my to be read in 2016 reading list. I wanted to read it because I loved the film version of it. It's a clever story about four people who go to the top of a building to commit suicide and end up building a eccentric bond instead. It seemed like something that would be great to listen to in audio book. Usually I listen to my audio books sporadically, but I've been into listening to this one more often. Mostly because it has three readers so they can cover all the character points of views which is fun. Between the readers and the dialogue I often find myself laughing out loud.

#2 Drop Dead Diva

I have a few different binge watches going on but I figure there is always room for one more. One day when I was feeling down and I thought it would be fun to try a show that had a light-hearted quality. I saw the Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and it seemed like a good fit. The show tells the story of a shallow aspiring model who dies and her soul resurfaces in the body of a curvy brilliant lawyer. It's a witty mix of tv movie fantasy and the drama/comedy of the movie Legally Blonde. Cue my tv show obsession. Once I got started I couldn't stop watching it. I had to know what was going to happen with all the relationships. I fell in love with the characters and their witty quips. Add on it that the show put me in a good mood. I binge watched the show so fast that I was like...wait...what? It's over?! Drop Dead Dive was a fun watch while it lasted.

#1 My New Dog

Sadly my elderly dog died back in May. My mom and I really missed having two dogs and felt that our younger dog Teela needed some companionship. Thus, we went on a search for a new dog. After many tries we finally lucked out and were able to adopt a one year old dog named Squeakers. His foster mom saved him from the streets and a kill shelter, so we were glad we could give him a permanent home. He is a very sweet and smart dog. He fits right in with our quirky family. When he wants your attention he squeaks that's how he got his name. It is quite funny watching Squeakers and Teela play together. Like little kids they fight over toys and play fight. However, they do love each other already because they love to snuggle together too. So cute! Here are my favorite puppy pictures.

 First day with Squeakers on the way to our house from his foster home.

Squeakers and Teela take a nap.

He sleeping with his feet on her head. Hilarious!

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