Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tunes For Tuesday - My Writing Playlist Pt. 2

Hello all! After a long break I have started working on my poetry book again. While working I was enjoying listening to the writing playlist I made in January. However, there were some different songs that I thought of that I would like to listen to while writing. Hence, I decided to make a second writing playlist. I feel like this one ended up having a darker tone to it, but you never know when you might be in the mood for that while writing.

 My Writing Playlist Pt.2

1. Crash Into Me - Dave Mathews Band
2. Warrior - AURORA
3. The Cave - Mumford & Sons
4. I've Seen It All - Bjork
5. My Eyes - The Lumineers
6. A Case Of You - Joni Mitchel
7. I Don't Know What To Do - Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johannson
8. Here With Me - Dido
9. Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
10. #1 Crush - Garbage
11. Life On Mars - David Bowie
12. Razor's Edge - Digital Daggers
13. Read My Mind - The Killers
14. Hello - Adele

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