Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Quirky Music Is The Bomb!

Hello! It's weekly obsession time. It was easy to think of my obsessions this week, so I must really love them all.

#3 My New Haircut

I felt like a change with my hair that was artistic. I already had a one side shaved haircut and I started looking a some pictures where girls had shaved both sides of their head leaving the middle section long. I decided to give that style a go, so I had mom cut my hair for me. It might be odd but I like the style. It have enough hair to put in styles like a ponytail or french twist, but less hair to wash and style at the same time. If I want to cover my shaved sides I can part my hair a certain way and they are covered. Thus, it is a edgy hair cut the can be conservative when I want it to be. Fun!

#2 Does You Inspire You On Vinyl

I haven't gotten any new vinyl for a very long time. I decided to get something off my Amazon wishlist to keep adding to my collection. Chairlift's first album "Does You Inspire You" caught my musical mood so I ordered it. This is album is a cool re-release edition in white vinyl. I was super excited when it arrived in the mail. I was extra excited when I played it on my turn table. I sounded so good! I could hear every single vocal and instrument clearly it was mixed so brilliantly. I rarely notice the difference between digital and vinyl, but the difference is definitely noticeable difference with this album. I love it!


My mom introduced me to music by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora a few months ago. I immediately loved her music but I wasn't obsessed yet. I blame my lack of obsession on the fact that I hadn't yet listened hadn't listened to enough of her songs, and also hadn't listened to her music on good speakers or in my headphones. I finally got around to listening to her album "All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend" on my headphones this week and cue my obsession. There are many things that I love about Aurora as a musician. Her style and lyrics are true to her and no one else sounds like her. Every song on her album is good. She performs brilliantly live by throwing her self fully into the interpretations of the songs. She has excellent music videos. On top of it all her interviews are lovely. She just seems like a wonderful quirky creative person. I can't stop listening to her music and singing her songs. I'm so obsessed that I have to post three videos of this girl. Haha!

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