Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Documentaries and Videos for Both

Hey everybody. Here are the obsessions. It's a very musical obsession type of week.

#3 Re-discovering Music

I was looking at some old playlists that I realized that there were several musical artists that I had stopped listening to for no apparent reason. I suppose it was because I started trying to find new artists to listen to. There is so much music and so little time. This week I tried to take time to listen to some old favorites. Many of them now have a few new albums that I need to catch up on. I haven't gotten to all my old favorites, but I'm working on it. Here are a few songs by a few of the artists that I have rediscovered my love for and if you want more you can check out yesterday's playlist.

#2 Watching Documentaries on YouTube

I enjoy watching documentaries. I also enjoy going to sleep while watching documentaries. They are informational if you are awake and relaxing if you are tired. It's awesome! Lately I have run out of documentaries that I find interesting on Netflix and Hulu, so one night it occurred to me to search for some on YouTube. I tend to enjoy documentaries on mythology and Arthurian Legend the best so I searched for those. Amazingly several documentaries that I had never seen on those subjects were on YouTube. I particularly liked re-watching the documentary on the parallels between mythology and Star Wars. I was also excited to find a documentary on Le Morte d'Arthur because I am reading that book.

#1 Digital Daggers

I was in the mood to try some new music this week as well as re-discovering music. I found out about the duo Digital Daggers because a lot of people who make fan videos make a videos to their songs, and they have been featured on some TV show soundtrack. I thought since I liked what little I had heard of them I should probably check out their full body of musical work. I loved their music! They have a cool alternative rock style. I like that they have such powerful songs with intriguing lyrical content. I could not stop listening to both of their albums on repeat. I can't say that I'm surprised that I like Digital Daggers, because guy and girl duos tend of create a lot of my favorite music. I think that the lyric videos are so cleaver. Check this one out!

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