Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music, TV, and Exercise

Hello all. Time for my weekly obsessions. Yay!

#3 Daughter

I thought it was time to try out some music that is new to me this week. I have been hearing the group Daughter on the internet and on movie/TV soundtracks. Thus, I figured that it was time that I check out their full albums. I highly enjoy their music. There is something that is relaxing and mesmerizing about their sound which them the perfect music for reading or working. I also think they have really interesting lyrics so they are great to just sit a listen to. It think that it's cool that they blend folk and electronic music together at times. I love trying out new music.

#2 The Musketeers

Even though I am streaming quite a few shows I am adding BBC show The Musketeers to my line up. I can't resist a period piece. I always have enjoyed a good Musketeers related film despite the fact that I still need to read the book. When I saw that The Musketeers was on Hulu I jumped at the chance to watch it. The premise of The Musketeers is pretty straight forward since the story is a well referenced in culture. I like what they are doing with the show so far. I particularly love how they are developing the characters. The action/adventure elements are super fun. I'm definitely invested in the story-lines. The show has inspired me to want to read the book series. I have been meaning to for years and I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

#1 Exerpeutic Exercise Bike

Both my mom and I have been having some knee issues. The only exercise that helps strengthen your knees is bicycling. So mom decided to get a small stationary Exerpeutic exercise bike for the family to use. I like using this bike even more that using walking as exercise. For one thing I can ride it inside on hot, cold, or rainy days which is awesome.  I have a lot of fun cycling to the beat of the music I put on to exercise to. It puts me in a good mood. An extra plus is that it is really helping to realign my knees. Yay! I also like that you can fold the bike up and store it without it taking up a lot of space and looking ugly. Mom made an excellent purchase when she got this bike.

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