Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Pretty Nails, Learning Songs, and Stranger Things

Hello all! I actually have obsessions this week. Yay! Let's get on with chatting about them.

#3 Sinful Colors Nail Polish

I find that I have to paint my nails because if I don't they tend to break. I guess because of the wear and tear that comes with playing instruments. Sometimes if I'm lazy I just paint them with a clear polish. However, I am going through a mood were I want to wear color. I discovered that many of the nail polish brands in my collection would clip after one day of wear. I know playing string instruments isn't conducive to long lasting nail polish wear but come on. They should last longer than one day when I'm not even playing an instrument that day. I went on a internet search for some drugstore brands that lasted a little longer. One brand that was suggested was Sinful Colors. I bought some and gave it go. So far it is working great. I've had the same polish on for the several days and there is only some minor chipping on my pointer fingers and none on any other nail. That's pretty good in my books. This brand has some fun colors that I'm excited to try out and it's inexpensive. I'm glad I gave it a try.

#2 Stranger Things

I like every other Netflix user have jumped on the Stranger Things train. I was going to wait to start this Netflix original series, because I am streaming a lot shows right now. However, Stranger Things because so popular and sounded so cool that I became paranoid that I would get spoiled before I got around to watching it. Add on to the fact that I had wanted to watch the show since I saw the trailer and I couldn't resist anymore. Stranger Things is every bit as wonderful as everyone says it is. The plot keeps one guessing, the characters are amazing, and the special effects rock. It is my brand of weird which automatically makes me love it because it's unpredictable. Every time I watch an episode I immediately want to watch the next one. I'm holding back one doing that though because I think I will go into a tv show hangover after I finish all the episodes in season 1. I'm going to post the trailer for the show because there is no way I can do a summary of Stranger Things justice.

#1 Learning "Long Way From Home" on Guitar

I have heard the song "Long Way From Home" by The Lumineers many times. I love their Cleopatra album. However, when I heard the song being used on the new show Lethal Weapon it clicked that "Long Way From Home" would be a fun song to learn to play on the guitar. I looked up the chords and got to work at coming up with my own arrangement. It is a really cool song to play and sing, because it of the time signature and the lyrics. It definitely a sad song, but sad songs are the prettiest songs sometimes.

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