Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - I Finally Started DC's Legends of Tomorrow! And Other Cold Weather Favorites.

Hello all! Here are my obsessions for the week. All of these are so fun!

#3 A New Tea Mug

I love getting cute mugs almost as much as I love the tea I put in them. I recently received a mug that I ordered from the Avon catalog. It is a pretty shade of green and features the saying, "Take life one cup at a time." I love that message because it's good advice. To add to the awesomeness the cup came with a matching coaster that can double as a Christmas tree ornament. How fun is that? Looking forward to having many cups of tea in this new mug.

#2 Leg Warmers

One of my favorite things about cold weather is that it is the perfect time for leg warmers. I love leg warmers and socks so much it is ridiculous. They are great for dance class as well as for when you just want to keep your legs warm and look fashionable. Lately it has definitely been chilly enough for leg warmers, and I love pull out all my favorite pairs to keep my ankles toasty.

#1 DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

When my mom and I realized that the CW's DC TV shows were going to have a four night crossover event we noticed that we had a problem. We had never started watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow. I know what your thinking. How does one watch Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow and not get around to Legends of Tomorrow. Well last year I was overwhelmed with my TV recording schedule and something had to give. However, now I've made some wiggle room to add this show. In order to catch up ASAP for the upcoming crossover mom and I started binge watching Legends of Tomorrow over the weekend. Why didn't I start watching this show sooner?! It is so exciting and wonderful. The writers are always putting the characters is crazy situations where I constantly wonder how they are going to solve the problem. The fight scenes are amazing. Also it contains two of my favorite things from science fiction, time travel and the crew of a ship working together. Golly! DC's Legends of Tomorrow is so compelling.

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