Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - I Don't Mind Playlist

Hello all! I was inspired to make this playlist by to songs "I Don't Mind" by Joseph and "I Don't Mind, If You Don't Mind" by Ron Pope. I figured if I was going to feature both songs on a playlist I should make a playlist of songs with the words I don't mind in the title. So I typed those words into the Spotify search and picked some songs that were totally new to me and a couple that I was more familiar with. It was a cool experiment I'm thinking I will try out more from some of these artists that I've discovered.

I Don't Mind Playlist

1. I Don't Mind - Joseph
2. I Don't Mind - The Head and The Heart
3. I Don't Mind - Fractures
4. I Don't Mind - Paper Bird
5. I Don't Mind - James Brown
6. I Don't Mind - Mikal Cronin
7. I Don't Mind If You Forget Me -Morrissey
8. I Don't Mind - Phantom Planet
9. I Don't Mind The Rain On Monday - The Johnstons
10. I Don't Mind, If You Don't Mind - Ron Pope

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