Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - Randomness and Insanity Vol. 7 Playlist

Hello everyone! I didn't intend for this to be a Randomness and Insanity playlist. I just had some very specific ideas of what artists I wanted to put on this playlist, and when I went to name the playlist I realized it fit the randomness category. By the way I will be back to doing the Weekly Obsession Wednesday post on Wednesday. I apologize for missing two weeks in a row. One was for illness and the other because editing last Thursday's video took a ridiculously long time. I hope you enjoy the playlist for now though.

Randomness and Insanity Vol. 7

1. A Sight To Behold - Eisley
2. Lovers In Japan - Coldplay
3. When Friend Rhymes With End - Ane Brun
4. The Rifle's Spiral - The Shins
5. Between Two Points - The Glitch Mob
6. Bedshaped - Keane
7. Hunter - Dido
8. Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie
9. Flicks - Frou Frou
10. Never Give All The Heart - SMASH cast
11. The Seeker - The Who
12. Stadium Love - Metric

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