Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Paper and Power?

Hello all! I have just two weekly obsessions this week, so no countdown this week. I still really enjoy these new obsessions. On with the telling.

The Pow{h}er Method

I haven't been able to take a ballet lesson in a few weeks. However, I didn't want to get totally out of shape. I remembered that near my house there was a place called Releve One which teaches the The Pow{h}er Method. This is a method that incorporates dance movement with isometric strength moves as well as stretching. I decided to give their Barre n' Pow{h}er classes as try. I truly enjoyed the first classes I tried. It's movement that really helps to work on all the muscles in your body. It challenging, but in a really good way that makes you feel good about yourself. Also you're so focused on the movement that class goes by very quickly. I'm definitely going to keep attending classes.

Office Supplies

I'm going through a phase where I'm addicted to buying fun looking office supplies. I believe this addiction began when I started doing more work with day planning and paper. I particularly love getting supplies in the Me to We brand sold at Walgreens. All their products are so colorful and inspiring, and since my day planner is from the same brand they all match the planner. Many of their products have things written on them that make you want to shoot for your goals. My favorite new product that I got in the brand are metal clips with all kinds of different happy faces on them. They are so cute! I guess it's cool to get more of Me to We office supplies because a portion of your purchase goes to helping children have access to education. That is pretty cool. https://www.we.org/

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